Go across instead of around

The new Volvo 7900 Electric is so much more than an electric bus. It’s an enabler, a tool that gives you totally new possibilities to develop your public transport – and your entire city. The new Volvo 7900 Electric can literally run everywhere. Silent and clean, with no climate emissions, it can go where people actually want to go. The shorter way, the better way. You, and your city, can benefit from the Volvo Environmental Effect.

Imagine the


There are new routes to be found

What if you could change the way you create new bus lines? Through residential areas, in sensitive zones, into the mall, out on the square. Across instead of around. With attractive and convenient indoor stops.

You do have a choice. You can make it possible to create routes never taken before. And run at night without waking people up. You can reduce noise in busy areas, literally turning them into quality areas.


You can’t buy the Volvo 7900 Electric

There’s no need for that. We offer a turn-key solution since we know that there is a need for a more modern business model for public transport. Volvo’s turn-key solution means defined, scheduled transport capacity at a specified cost per kilometre. You will benefit from a reduction of necessary investments as well as substantially reduced operational and financial risks. The price of the vehicle becomes insignificant and you pay only for the capacity you need.

Opportunity charging

Opportunity charging is a winner. Compared to overnight charging, you benefit from reduced cost, higher passenger capacity, increased range and more efficient use of the infrastructure. Charging at the end stops means minimum impact on the schedule and provides a well-defined charging procedure. All buses on the route share the charging units, which means better utilisation of the infrastructure and reduced investments.

Charging is fully automatic and the connectors reach the bus from above, which is optimal in terms of safety. All moving parts are integrated in the pylon. This minimises the need for additional vehicle maintenance and reduces weight, thus further increasing passenger capacity.

A good night’s sleep

Enter the Zero Zone

Fossil-free is not enough

In dense city areas, not all types of traffic can be permitted. But with Volvo 7900 Electric you can enter silent zones, safety zones, zero-emission areas and even stop at indoor terminals. Other assumed fossil-free solutions, such as biogas engines are not a viable option when exhausts and noise cannot be tolerated.

Electric propulsion opens up new possibilities. And Volvo Bus Zone Management allows the vehicles to comply with restrictions depending on geographical position, day of the week and even time of the day. The driver is informed reaching a zone, and the vehicle can adjust automatically without any driver intervention.

The cost of noise

Noise is not just disturbing. It’s also an expensive, and often neglected health factor. The regulations gradually increase the demand for cutting noise levels and this results in huge costs for the society and property owners. This means that it is extremely beneficial to reduce noise at the sources, and in city traffic, large diesel and gas engines are obvious targets.

When calculating the cost of noise, comparing combustion engines with electric drive, the figures become dramatic. Independent studies show cost savings in the range of €0.4/bus km. In a year this can add up to millions for the entire city. Contact us and we will send you the full report.


Length 12 m
Width 2.55 m
Height 3.28 m
Permitted GVW 19 000 kg
Electric motor 160 kW/400 Nm
Energy storage system High capacity Lithium-Ion battery
Transmission Volvo 2-speed automated system
Charging system Opportunity charging. Fully automatic fast charging sequence. Rapid charge time: up to 6 min.
Suspension Electronically controlled air suspension with kneeling function
Passenger capacity 105
Door system Electric. 2+2+2
Climate system 28 kW AC with separate climate zones for driver and passengers

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